What type of oak porch is right for me?

Are you looking to add an oak porch to your home? Whether you opt for custom fitting or want to DIY with one of our oak porch kits, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide range of stunning, stylish oak porches that will enhance any home and boost your curb appeal. Not sure where to begin? Here are just a few of the styles that may be the perfect complement to your home. 

What type of oak porch should I choose?

An oak porch is not simply a porch, it’s a statement. You’re creating a transition zone from your garden (or the street, depending on the location) into your home. It’s important not only that the look of the porch blends seamlessly into the rest of the building, but also that the design is practical, functional and does everything you need.

As oak porch builders, we’ve all the experience you could need in ensuring the porch you choose is a complement to your home for years to come. As such, we take great care and delight in offering a fully comprehensive range of oak porch kits and styles, as well as fully bespoke oak porch services. Keen to know a little more? Here are the basic styles we’re proud to offer you.

  1. Balustrade, full-height

This is, perhaps, one of the most classic oak porch styles out there at the moment. Individual posts set on saddle stones support a full-height porch. Balustrades and a pitch-style roof finish the look. 

2. The classic full-height porch

Keen for a little more enclosure then the balustrade style offers? This may be the right oak porch style for your needs, then. This is a flexible, versatile design that will fit almost any space you need it to. Traditional oak rafters and supports sit securely anchored through posts and saddle stones. A pitched tile roof ensures your oak porch handles everything the weather throws at it and more. 

3. Brick plinth with mullion

Keen for something a touch more rustic? Then this oak porch kit may be the perfect match. This kit evokes the look of a traditional farmhouse, using mullioned balustrades and a raised brick plinth to create the ambience. While there’s enough room on this porch for a log stack, you can also pop a bench into the space and enjoy the coming-and-going around you.

4. Low brick plinth

The low brick plinth oak porch opens up a world of style options. This is perfect if you want to be able to take the solid construction of one of our oak porch kits, but customise it a little more to your exact tastes. Opt for mullion balustrades, brick or flint walls, or perhaps even a tightly-clipped box hedge….it’s up to you. There’s nothing you can’t do with this low brick plinth porch and some care.

5. Wall-mounted porches

Want the looks of an oak porch, but have space or building restrictions? This could be the perfect combo for you. Add the ‘wow factor’ to your home with very little fuss. A neat gable roof keeps things stylish, while installation of the oak porch kit version couldn’t be simpler.

6. Lean-to porch

Another popular oak porch kit for those hard-to-fit places, this angular ‘lean-to’ roof is perfect for spots with limited installation depth. 

7. High brick plinth porch

Want to make a splash in the neighbourhood? This statement porch is perfect, especially for larger houses or homes with multiple entranceways you wish to add a porch to. The pitched roof allows fully for storm lamps and gives plenty of protection against UK weather.

8. Floor and wall mounted porch

The oak porch kit was made for new properties or properties where there is a path encircling the home. A pitched tile roof finishes the classy look- it would be great for a front or side entrance.

9. Low brick plinth with balustrade

Last, but certainly not least, we have a simple and stunning oak porch that will improve the curb value of any home. A dynamic, versatile design will carry any additional furnishing or infill you wish. 

What is in an oak porch kit?

If you’re considering any of the stunning designs, the DIY kits come complete with all posts, tie beams, braces, rafters, pegs and nails you could need. Saddle stone designs will also include the saddle stones. Our handmade oak frames are perfect for a wide range of applications, and can easily be added to your home. We do also quote on fitting any of the oak porch kits you may be interested in if you would rather have an expert tackle the job. 

Getting the aesthetic look of your porch just right is an important part of the selection process, so if you wish to chat over any of our oak porch designs, find out more, or simply benefit from our decades of experience as oak porch builders, please feel free to give us a shout today. We’re always happy to help. 

Oak Porches UK are the expert oak porch builders you need. Whether it’s one of our oak porch kits, or a fully installed job, we’re here to help you match the perfect porch to your house. Enhance your home, add beauty and practicality, and bring the stunning, versatile looks of an oak porch to your life today.