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Should I buy an Oak Porch from eBay?

With the rocky year of the global health crisis only just receding behind us, times are still tough for many of us. We have dreams we want to start rolling again, but there may be financial constraints at play that are keeping our styles cramped. It’s only natural to start looking for alternative ways to […]

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What comes in an Oak Porch kit?

If you’re looking for a spectacular way to change the face of your home, without the hassle and mess of a lengthy construction, then an oak porch kit could well be the life-changing renovation you’re looking for. At Oak Porches UK, our porch kits are custom adapted to your home, yet can ship as a […]

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Green Oak: From forest to front porch

If you’ve ever wondered, “How are oak porches made,” or “How old is green oak?”, then today’s blog is for you! Oak Porches UK, as the experts in beautiful green oak porches, will be taking a look at the journey green oak takes from forest to your front porch, and just how fascinating working with […]

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