5 reasons your home needs an oak porch TODAY

From a log store to the perfect place to sip your morning coffee, an oak porch not only adds value to your home, but it creates a vibrant space that will enhance your day-to-day living. Every home needs an oak porch to complete it- and today Oak Porches UK shows you exactly why.

Keeping the outside, well… out

While some countries may favour larger front gardens, most of the UK has only a few metres between them and the road. It contributes to a sense of neighbourliness, sure, but it’s not the most practical way to transition into your beloved home. It doesn’t matter if you’re just pulling in the suitcases from your Spanish vacation, frantically peeling off the stuffy layers of your work-day attire, or bringing home a mud-soaked dog or two, you’re launched straight from the hurly-burly of the community into your front room. There’s no mental space to decompress and relax, nor to transition into ‘home mode’. It can even feel like you lack privacy from prying eyes! Adding an oak porch to your home is a simple, cost-effective way to more clearly define the boundaries between home and the outside world, creating a healthier, happier mental space.

Create a hard-working, practical space

Talking about a muddy dog or two…. If you’re a house proud owner, chances are you’re not so keen on having Fido and all your human visitors trek mud across your floors. By adding a porch to your home, you create a natural area for people to coral their weather-stained outer garments. Wet brollies and raincoats can be hung up to dry, and dirty all-weather boots kept off the floor. Add a towel or two…. Or go all-out and add a mudroom. Parcel storage is at hand, leaving you free to greet the family without juggling shopping, fearing it’s being misplaced or stolen, or allowing it to get damp and damaged. Having a space to help you shed your outer layers, act as a boot store, and ensure your home stays spic-and-span no matter the weather is invaluable

Add a log store

Who doesn’t love a crackling wood fire in winter? And the UK sure is blessed with winters that need a little extra warmth! Yet with our damp, muggy weather year-round, keeping your log store dry can be a headache in itself. Not so if you add a beautiful oak porch to the mix, however. Not only will you have a versatile, attractive frontage to your property, you’ll also have the perfect place to store your wood without fear of atmospheric changes leading you with damp, sputtering logs that won’t catch. Only toasty-warm winter nights await you!

Weather-proof your frontage

They say that a beautiful front door is the key to a happy home. It’s even one of the most important influencers in the art of Feng Shui! Yet the weather takes a toll on your front door year-round, and if you’re not diligent in your maintenance it’s easy to see the finish fade, crack and peel. Not only does it reduce the curb appeal of your home, if little matters aren’t caught timeously they can fast start to affect the structure of the home, too. From little things like cracks in the front door letting in the frigid air, right through to structural issues like damp, foundation cracks and mould, it can be hazardous to let your home maintenance standards drop. Yet with busy lives, who has time for constant vigilance?

Adding a sturdy oak porch to your home is a simple way to weatherproof your front door and add another layer of structural integrity to your frontage- all without much disturbance to install or use!

Improved security AND aesthetics

All-in-all, an oak porch is a great way to beautify the front of your home and add curb-appeal without months of destructive building. It keeps the weather out, and the warmth in. The weather isn’t all a good oak porch will keep out, however! From malicious tricksters to outright criminals, you can never be too sure who may be scoping out your home. With a solid oak porch to contend with before they even see the front door, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re a far less attractive target for delinquents, criminals and other societal menaces.

Of course, burglar bars and security gates can have the same effect- but can you say ugly? No one wants to live locked up in Fort Knox, and an oak porch offers you the perfect balance of boosted security with attractive aesthetics that keep the improvements subtle and friendly to the eye, too.

Don’t you think it’s time your home got an oak porch makeover today? From beauty and comfort to security and warmth, there’s no end to the benefits a good oak porch will bring your property. Boost curb appeal, add a log store or a boot store, weatherproof your front door and keep your property secure, and create a cost pocket of relaxation to help you enjoy your home more.

Let the team at Oak Porches UK help you choose the right look for your property, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing hassle-free, quality construction is on it’s way to your home today.