You’ve built an oak-framed porch- what next?

What to do if the oak-framed building bug has bitten you? You’ve installed the porch of your dreams, but you find you’re still wanting more? Never fear! Today Oak Porches UK has all the ideas, inspiration and details you need to help make your house into your dream home.

Love your oak porch

Before we look at other excellent things you can do with oak at home, let’s stop by you brand-new oak-framed porch just one last time. The key to making sure your oak buildings enhance your home, instead of remaining ‘extensions’ that don’t quite fit, is to fully integrate the addition to your existing home. Of course, you were already careful to ensure you picked a gorgeous complimentary style that not only worked with your life, but also the existing structures. Yet, even if you used one of our skilled professional installation teams, building does leave some tell-tale signs behind. Be it bare (or churned) earth around your oak porch, clipped back gardens, or simply that ‘new’ look, it’s time to blend your oak porch into its surroundings so it looks established. From replanting some lawn to an attractive flower bed, it’s time to make your porch part of your home.

Taking oak into the garden

The natural lustre and warmth of oak is one of its major draw cards for homeowners looking to enhance their homes. It’s the perfect building material to make a structure fit the environment organically, and will blend seamlessly into almost any natural space. Despite this inherent organic look, however, it’s still a building material that only gets tougher as it gets older, giving long-lasting value-for-money that could well outlast you! It’s resistant to the ever-present British damp, won’t suffer from insect damage, and isn’t prone to cracking or shifting either.

These features make it ideal in the garden, as it can work it’s magic on your landscape while giving you the assurance you have a feature made to last. In particular, an oak gazebo or pergola can be the perfect way to finish off your garden, and the continuity oak provides from pergola to porch to home will tie together your house and garden in one beautiful package. You’ll be able to enjoy summer nights with a bottle of wine and your best friends around you- and what more could we ask for?

Thinking even bigger

The versatility of oak doesn’t stop in the garden, however. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of practicality and beauty, our sister company Monarch Oak has all the oak-framed out-buildings you could want. With much of Britain’s housing built long before every family owning a motor car was anything but a dream, finding a spot to protect your vehicle from neighbourhood damage and inclement weather is a drag you don’t need in your day.

Adding an oak-framed garage to your property is a simple, versatile way to provide yourself with secure off-street parking and storage. With everything from single to three-bay garages available, you’ll have ample space to ensure one of your most expensive assets is kept safe and secure under lock at all times. Not only will an oak-framed garage provide greater security, however, but it can also significantly assist with performance from your vehicle. The natural warmth and insulation provided by oak will help keep temperatures more consistent, even through the coldest night. With this, you can expect faster and better battery performance, less rust and other faults caused by prolonged exposure to damp air, and even savings on cosmetic repairs as UV damage and heat-cool damage will both be limited. 

Not just a garage, but a working space

Of course, a garage is never just a space for parking vehicles. It becomes an extension of our home, too. Whether you need a secure, dry log store to help keep you toasty-warm through winter, a simple and versatile space for storage and DIY projects, or a full-blown office environment, an oak-framed garage extension may be the right solution for you.

Now more than ever, with stay-at-home orders and work-from-home two buzzwords on everyone’s tongues, you may need to ensure you have a safe, quiet space to work. Nor do you want to huddle, cold and damp, in some awkward out-of-the-way space just to get it! Not only is an ugly, cluttered space psychologically proven to have an impact on your ability to work well, it also looks unprofessional. Whether you need to bring clients into your office, or simply to meet with the boss on Zoom, a dedicated working space of calm quiet is essential- both for your family’s privacy and your own professionality. You may not even have the space available inside your home as it stands. Yet, with comparatively little building mess and fuss, an oak-framed garage with an extra storey, or seperate office design, can give you the professional work space you need to keep working at peak performance, create the right work-life balance and look dedicated to your higher-ups, all in one.

From a simple garden pergola to a modern garage with added office space, oak-framed buildings offer you everything you need. Versatile, simple-to-install and beautiful to boot, no one else offers you a range of options (bespoke and DIY kit) quite like Monarch Oak and Oak Framed Porches UK. Now you’ve got your dream oak porch installed, it’s time to let your imagination fly!