What makes the oak porch stand out?

Here at Oak Porches UK, it’s hardly a secret that we believe every home could benefit from a beautiful oak porch design. Yet there are many types of porches out there, and each has their own unique features that could benefit your home. Let’s take a closer look.

What types of porches are there?

Here we’re not talking individual porch designs per se, but rather the sorting criteria that differentiate between different styles of porches. Most of us think of the portico, or front-entry porch when we think of porches- the small demi-room surrounding the entrance to your home. These can be relatively small, just hugging the stairs, or they could include a log store, a light-catching sun porch, and many other features. Porticos may be fully closed, or open with just a section of roof, when they are typically called loggias.

A ‘farmer’s porch’, by contrast, is typically open, and will be considerably wider. It can even wrap around a building, for all they typically will just run the length of the front of the home. Grander farmer’s porches can be called verandas, and you’ll often see them in hotels. 

If you’ve opted for a design with open sides, you can always screen them in with temporary walls. This can provide a covered space in the event of rain or inclement weather, or serve to ward off bugs in areas where they are problematic. Screens can be temporary, requiring you to drop them as needed, or fixed permanently.

Let’s talk about porch design

Now you have a better idea of the types of porches you can choose from, let’s talk about porch designs.

Obviously, we at Oak Porches UK are the local experts in all-things-oak. We happen to believe that oak is simply the best building material you can use for a porch extension (and even replacement porches). Let’s take a look at some other options that are open to you, however.

Open or enclosed?

Your first step will be deciding whether you’d like a fully enclosed porch, or an open one. If your space is very limited, an open porch may be ideal. That way, you avoid the space seeming dingy and claustrophobic. This could also be a fabulous design if you have garden elements at the front of your home you’re proud of, a unique facade you want to show off, or any other reason to see the porch as additional ornamentation, rather than a working room.

Partial enclosure

If you like the look of a more enclosed porch, but feel the space or aesthetic would be better open, you can opt for ‘semi-brick’ low walls. This adds a feel of completion and care to the project, without forcing you to fully enclose the space. This is also a nice way to showcase the porch with planters and other decorative items that would not seem ‘appropriate’ indoors.

Brick with Windows

If you feel a fully-enclosed style would be better and still want natural light in your porch, uPVC windows are a solid way to go. uPVC double glazing keeps the cold out while letting the light in, and it’s an economical window design that won’t be heavy on the pocket.

Alternatively, you can opt for wood windows. Wood windows have a classic elegance, and are typically seen as more aesthetically pleasing than uPVC. However, if you’re going to opt for wood, you will need to make sure you buy high quality. It’s easier for wood window frames to warp and even crack if the wood isn’t properly seasoned and worked. The last thing you want is a cold British draft leaking through your windows!

Consider your door configuration

Lastly, if you’re considering porch designs, you want to think about how you’d like the space to flow. Most people will be adding their porch over your front door. Do you wish to create a new front door with the porch, or keep the emphasis on the existing front door?

Obviously, a typical open porch will hinge on your existing door remaining the primary barrier to entry, and you’ll often leave them without a door at all. Most enclosed porches, however, will recreate the front door aesthetic. It could be worth considering remodelling your existing front door to something that adds better flow to the new addition to your home.

Oak can be used pleasingly in each and every one of these combinations. From providing a beautiful frame to artistic brick, to carrying the entire structure, it’s possible to work green oak into any porch designs you like. We happen to believe it inevitably improves the design, too! Oak has a warmth and subtle lustre that’s hard to beat. They offset the cold feel of brick, without offering any downside. And, as your oak settles into place over time, it will shrink and hug the home, creating a flowing aesthetic that will look fantastic for years.

What about replacement porches?

Oak porches are also a fantastic way to replace or expand an existing porch design that no longer gets the job done. Simpler to erect then all-brick designs, with less complicated footings, and guaranteed to give your home a facelift you’ll love!

From replacement porches to the fanciest porch designs out there, Oak Porches UK can help you make your home renovation dreams come true. Whether you’re keen on a DIY porch kit, or want a full-service install, we can make your home beautiful.