How to build a green oak porch: easy, fun and home-enhancing!

Are you wondering how to build a green oak porch with one of our handy oak porch kits? Wonder no more! Today Oak Porches UK takes a look at everything you need to know about your green oak porch- from planning right through to enjoying the last rays of summer sun on your new porch!

How do I choose the right green oak porch for me?

The planning stages of your new home addition are some of the most important, so don’t skimp on these! You’ll want to start by having a brainstorming session about why you’re adding the porch to your home. Obviously, you’re looking for a simple addition that will add value, but how else will the porch fit into your current lifestyle? What do you need it to do in a practical sense?

If you’re hoping to store logs, create a ‘mudroom’, or use your porch for storage, you’ll need a different design from someone hoping to use it to add extra light to a dim room, or as an extension to the sitting space in your home. Practical considerations like this aren’t very glamorous, but knowing them will help you hugely.

Speaking about practicality, it’s time to bust out the measuring tape! If you’re looking to add your porch to your homefront, you may have aspects like existing paving, flower beds and other decor aspects to consider. How much are you willing to dig up, move and alter? Remember that, while oak porches are pretty easy to install, they do still need some groundwork. Likewise, you’ll want to give a little thought to the size of your porch. Check for overhanging obstructions like trees and roofs, and give some thought to aspects like incoming light, proximity to your neighbours, or the space available in a tight corner. Get your measurements firmly nailed down. If there’s taps, electric points or other utilities near the area, you may want to pull out your old plans and check there’s no underlying pipes to be concerned about. Most porches don’t need full planning permission, but depending on your local council there may be some formalities to observe.

Making it stylish

With that out the way, it’s time to move onto other, more fun considerations. A green oak porch adds the lustre and warmth of oak to a building, so it’s pretty easy to get it to blend well with the existing structures- in a year or two, you’ll probably struggle to believe you didn’t have it all along! That said, however, it’s always worth casting a careful eye over the details to make sure you get it just right. Many of us don’t even remember fine details about what the front of our houses look like, so you may want to take a photo or two of the area you’re hoping to build onto. 

This enables you to look objectively at your home and its features, and compare them to the oak porch kits we have on offer. Look at aspects like the roof pitch, style details, how brick or cement has been used in your building (especially at the footings), railings, balustrades and other details. This will help guide you to the perfect porch for you. Once you’ve picked a style that matches your home and budget, we’re just a call away!

How to build a green oak porch

Now it’s time to get that porch finished! Plan for a weekend, although if the weather is murky you may want to get the concrete for the footings poured in advance of the rest of the assembly. Regrettably, we can’t do much about the weather!

With the ease and simplicity of our Oak porch DIY kits at your fingertips, and our experts at hand, you’ll be able to get all the details on the exact recommended footings for your new porch. Based on your chosen style, you may be looking for an open finish, or one requiring a low brick wall. The footings will be a little different for each, but our team will make sure you know exactly what’s needed. Some of our wall mounted porches are even specifically designed to need less intervention at ground level, utilising the building for the bulk of their weight instead. Generally, however, you will be pouring concrete footers for most styles.

Once these are stable and completed, with the brick detail added, it’s time to get the frame up. You will attach the provided posts to their appropriate footer position- don’t forget to plan for the drop between house door and porch here! Next, attach the ledger board, create the porch outer perimeter, and begin the joisting process. You may want to consider installing the porch flooring before finishing the job, as sometimes it can be easier to get done with the walls still partially down. Once the frame is fully assembled according to the detailed instructions for each kit style, you’re free to move onto finishing the roof details to ensure a seamless blend with the existing structure. Don’t forget to replace any areas of paving you may have had to move, and to finish off your beautiful new home addition with little details like box hedges, beautiful plantings or storm lanterns to truly make it feel like part of the home.

While each of our designs is unique, and has its own special considerations on installation, the basics of throwing up your green oak porch remain the same. Be sure to take care and pay attention to the little details, especially the footers and foundation of your porch, to ensure you get the results you want. With a little consideration, you’ll have a fast-to-create space that will be adding beauty and value to your home for decades to come, as well as greatly enhancing curb appeal. 

Now you know how to build a green oak porch using one of our kits, you’ve probably got your imagination fired up! Why not get in touch with our skilled team today? They’ll be able to give you further specific details, as well as guide you through the process from start to finish. Don’t hesitate- your new green oak porch is only a phone call away!